9 hookup tips

No matter how much you might love the idea of a hookup, it’s not always so easy to get things moving in the right direction. Whether you lack confidence or just aren’t sure about the right way to suggest it, you don’t want to miss out on the chance of some sexy fun. But never fear! We’ve got you covered with nine of the hottest and most important hookup tips that will help you to score.

#1: Don’t be afraid of hookups

If you’re not very experienced or you’re a touch on the shy side, you may hang around and wait for them to make the first move. However, this could mean that you never get to hook up and could be left on the sidelines.


Both girls and guys like to be made to feel attractive, so you’ve got nothing to lose by approaching them for a hookup. Plus, you must have heard the old saying “confidence is attractive”?

#2: Always make sure you have gum on you

Next on our list of tips for hookups is an easy one to get right.

The opportunity of a hookup could arise at any time, and sometimes when you least expect it. It would be a huge shame to have to turn down an invitation just because you weren’t feeling as fresh as you’d like!


Carrying some mints around means that no matter where you are – even if you’ve just eaten dinner – you can always make sure that you present your best self.

#3: Eye contact will ramp up the temperature

Eye contact

There are lots of ways to make progress with a hookup but if you want to send the temperature soaring, make lots of eye contact. The great thing about this is that you can start even before you’ve spoken a word. No matter whether you’re standing near each other or on the other side of the room, flirtatious eye contact makes your intentions clear.

#4: Be honest about your intentions

No matter how much you like someone, hooking up can sometimes be inadvisable. If you’re just looking for fun times and they’re hoping for a serious love match, the end result could be disastrous.

It’s vital to be upfront and honest from the start – if you only want a hookup, you need to tell them. It’s the only way to make sure you really do match up and that there can be no misunderstandings after the event.

#5: Have protection ready – the most important tip

It’s easy to assume that the other person will come prepared, but that might not always be the case. If neither of you has protection, you’ll have to face the awkward situation of trying to track some down, and that’s a real passion-killer. Even worse, you might be tempted to go ahead without protection, and that’s never recommended, no matter how horny you feel.

Keep protection discreetly in your purse or bag at all times, and you’ll never have to turn down a hookup.

#6: Touch their hair

Touch their hair

Touching someone’s hair is a very intimate gesture that suggests you want more. If you know they’re interested, then touching their hair signals that you’re looking to take things further. Simple yet sexy, both guys and girls will find this gesture erotic.

#7: Sober hookups are better

Everyone can get a bit flirty when they’re drunk, and that’s completely fine. And you may even enjoy the occasional drunk hookup, which may seem like fun at the time. However, the thing about drunk hookups is that you never remember them clearly, and you’re not usually sober enough to enjoy it fully. There’s nothing more disappointing than not really remembering how a hookup went!

A sober hookup offers so much more potential. Your senses will be firing on all cylinders, and you’ll remember every kiss, stroke, and touch.

#8: Get some privacy

Have you ever wanted your sex life broadcast all over Facebook, Snapchat, and Insta? No? Then you’d be better off finding a private place to get down and dirty during your hookup. There will always be someone waiting with their phone to take photos or videos of you in action, which will then be broadcast for all to see.

The action might start in the club or the bar, but keep things light until you’re behind closed doors – and then go wild!

#9: Make sure you have consent

This tip should go without saying, but we’re going to include it in our top tips, just because it’s so important. Be absolutely sure that you have the informed consent of the other person before you start to move in. It’s really important that their consent is given in action and words, which means that if they’re too drunk to understand what they’re saying, let things cool off until they sober up. A good hookup is a safe hookup. There’s always next time!

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