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8 Fetish Dating Sites For Fetish & BDSM

Fetishism is a sexual attraction to parts of the body or objects out of the sexual sphere. These can include certain types of clothing, toes, and feet.

Sex fetishes are often hard to express with your partner. That’s why many people go online to find people with similar fetish as them. Dating sites help you to satisfy your kinky desires.

Most Used Fetish Dating Sites

Knowing which websites are reliable for satiating your kinky desires is important. That’s why we have gathered the top-rate fetish sites where you can find a partner for a casual hookup.

    1. MyHornyBoy
    2. Whiplr
    3. KinkyAds
    4. FetLife
    5. ALT
    6. Together2Night
    7. Hookupdaters
    8. Hookupsfinder


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With over 700,000 users from the USA, MyHornyBoy is among the leading fetish sites to find casual dates. Members of this website come from different ethnicities, and you’ll always find thousands of single men online. This site caters to gay men who want to satisfy their sexual fetishes.

  • Excellent customer support
  • High member activity
  • Welcomes members of the LGBT
  • Impressive features

To get the ball rolling with fetish dating, you need to register an account on this site. The registration process is quick and straightforward: You only need to fill in your email address, age, and password.

The site will automatically read your city, state, and zip code. You’ll have to verify your account by inserting the code MyHornyBoy will send to your mail. Once the verification process is complete, you can create your profile and start searching for hot men nearby for a casual hookup.

While MyHornyBoy doesn’t offer a dating app, it has an effective mobile-friendly site. The mobile version has the same features found on the main website.


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whiplr-logo.pngFree To Register!
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As one of the top-rated fetish sites for hook, Whiplr connects Americans with the same type of kink desires. This website has more than 2.6 million active members. If you want to hook up with someone to practice untraditional sexual styles, Whiplr is the most suitable place to go.

  • Free to chat with other users via messages
  • Over 230 fetishes available
  • Free for female members
  • Has standout features

Whiplr uses your profile to find your matches. You can chat with potential dates via the chat platform or video chat features. You can find like-minded people by using the search function. This feature allows you to filter users by role-play, sex, body type, and more.

You can also go through profiles of members who live in the same location as you. The profiles are detail-rich, making it easy to find a compatible date for a casual hookup.

Additionally, you can join public groups that suit your dating needs.

What’s more? The platform has an application for Android and iOS devices. Its graphical user interface is outstanding. When using the mobile app, you can activate notifications so that you’ll know whenever someone sends you a message.


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kinkyads-logo.pngFree To Register!
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KinkyAds is among the most popular fetish sites that can help you find a casual hookup to fulfill those fetish cravings. Most of the members come from the United States. Users show their body and kinky side to get someone with similar preferences.

  • Does a great job to get rid of fake accounts
  • Has verified users
  • Free to access basic features
  • Easy-to-navigate website

Before you start your sexy adventure, you need to sign up with the platform. The sign-up process is a cinch, allowing you to start chatting with locals quickly with a few minutes. The login process is also quick, as you only need your email address and the password you had created before.

After you have set up your account, you can now contact other users to find a date. You chat with members who are online to see who you would like to meet. There are always people online waiting to chat with their potential matches.

The website doesn’t have an application yet. People who would like to use the platform on the go can use their mobile web browser to access the site.


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Since it was launched in 2008, FetLife has been connecting people who have a keen interest in fetishism. It’s among the top fetish platforms that cater to the American audience. It’s designed to make your sexual fantasies real.

  • Numerous fetishes and kinks
  • View videos shared by other users
  • Responsive members
  • Ability to hide some pictures using privacy settings

You’ll find single people and those who are in one or several relationships when you sign up with this site. There are twelve sexual orientations to choose from at this hookup site.

Users can indicate if they are in a Dominant/submissive relationship. There are lots of groups dedicated to answering thematic questions like Ask a Dominant and Ask a Submissive.

Lastly, the platform has an application for Android users and a mobile-friendly website. That means you can find a potential partner for a casual hookup from the comfort of your home.


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altcom-logo1-1.jpgFree To Register!
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When it comes to satisfying fetishes, ALT is trusted by millions of users. That’s why it’s considered one of the top-rated hookup sites. If you would like to try fetish sex, then ALT is the ideal platform.

  • A large pool of members
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free membership available
  • Useful features

To get started with this platform, head over to their website and fill in your basic information. You’ll also need a valid email address for verification. After you have set up your account, create a profile and upload photos.

Astrological Compatibility is where users will see the zodiac signs that are compatible with you. You can also play the Hot or Not game, which allows you to choose whether a picture is attractive or not.

ALT doesn’t offer an app, but the website is mobile-friendly. It comes with all the features on the main website, and you can access it with a mobile browser

Try Free Fetish Dating Sites Today

Fetishes are having their day in the sun and being positively responded to. With the second wave of sexual liberation happening in the 21st century, we’ve all been able to explore our fetishes/ kinks. This has meant an increased demand for dating sites to branch out into this and give us opportunities.

If you’re unsure of what fetishes you have, now’s perfect to start finding out. Joining dating sites opens your eyes to what’s available in your area and current trends. Be it degradation, domination, submission, feet, or masochism, you’ll find your secret desire in no time.

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Together2Night-logo-180x90.pngFree To Register!
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Finding fetish hookups start with finding the perfect dating site for you. Seems like a simple step, but so many choose wrong and fail. To find your perfect dating site decide what it is you need. If you need a dating site that will cover all areas and give you a range, is the one for you among the best fetish sites.

Their clear design removes confusion and enables you to have the best experience. Combined with their large member base and helpful customer care, you’re looking at a winning fetish dating site.


  • Lots of free features. One big perk of this dating site is that it offers lots of free features to get you started. Meaning that you get a true feel for the site before you must pay.
  • They provide data protection, giving you peace of mind while on their site/ chatting.
  • A large pool of opportunities for fetish hookups.


  • Their price plan is relatively expensive, but it’s worth it. Not designed for fully free fetish dating without any charges.

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hookupdaters-logo-180x90.pngFree To Register!
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One way to get to know your body and its desires is through hookups. is the perfect place to do this and will really push you to embark on this sexual journey. Their website is perfectly designed to cater towards expert daters and newbies; no matter your skill set, you’ll be well looked after on this fetish dating website.

The sign-up process is simple and will bring you a step closer to your sexual identity. The hardest part will be designing your profile to show off your best features. Ensure you express what you’re seeking in your profile bio to help the fetish finder AI.


  • You can make your profile private, meaning that those unregistered to the site won’t be able to see it. This gives you peace of mind when you’re new to the fetish side of online dating.
  • Live-chat enables you to have realistic free-flowing conversations with singles. The more natural your correspondence can be, the better the connection and higher rapport built.


  • Currently, there’s no mobile app available – but this could change. In the meantime, log in through your mobile browser.

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hookupsfinder-logo-180x90.jpgFree To Register!
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If you want variety with your hookup sites, then adding to your repertoire is a brilliant idea. They have a wide range of singles on their site that you never run out of choice. Their sign-up process is simple, and after, it’s a matter of setting up your profile.

The beauty of online dating is that you can do it wherever. It’s flexible, and embodies this through its mobile app. They ensure you get all the features you need to succeed when online dating.


  • The site has video call facilities. We’re pleased to see this up-to-date feature on dating apps and is a welcomed addition to!
  • Advanced search filters to ensure you truly find what you’re seeking. It’s nice to have the privilege to be picky sometimes.


  • Men must pay for full membership. It’s unfortunate for our male readers, but you can guarantee a high female member base to choose from.

How to Use Fetish Sites Safely

Online dating is the way for members of the fetish community to meet potential dates. Many websites have sprung up that offer Americans a platform that helps them connect with like-minded people. Below we have provided some helpful tips to help date safely when using fetish sites.

Stay anonymous

Never share your sensitive details. That means you should not reveal your work and home phone numbers, email address, full names, or details about where you reside.

Do not choose a restaurant

While going out to enjoy a meal on your first date might look like a great date idea, you should avoid this. It restricts your options of leaving. There is social pressure that will force you to stay until you finish the meal, which can be irritating when you realize you don’t like your potential date. You should instead go for coffee, as you can leave anytime you feel like it.

Do not leave your things unattended

Never leave your drink or food with someone you have just met. If you want to go to the bathroom, make sure you finish your food or drink first. Your date could add a substance to your drink or food to stupefy you.

Craft your profile carefully

A good dating profile will allow you to attract the right dates. Be honest about your qualities, preferences, and what you are seeking to avoid attracting the wrong people.

Meet in a public place

The first date should be in a safe, public place. You could go to a sporting event, skating rink, or visit a local museum. Whatever date spot you choose, ensure it’s somewhere where there are plenty of people around.

Tell your friend about the meeting

Make sure you tell one of your friends about where you’ll be meeting your date and what time you’ll be returning home. Also, tell them to check in on you during the meeting.

Avoid meeting up at fetish events

Because fetish events are often charged with sexuality, the people around you might not understand if you’re in trouble. They might assume that you are playing.

Never accept a lift

Don’t accept a lift from anyone you have just met. You should find your own means of getting back home.

Choosing a Reputable Fetish Site for Hookups

There are lots of fetish sites for people who are seeking hookups in the USA. To choose the best ones, you need to do your research. Check reviews online to find out what experts are saying about each website that you want to try.

Because you would like to be anonymous, choose a website that takes your privacy and safety seriously. The site should use state-of-the-art Secure Sockets Layer to protect your data from anyone who would like to access it.

What’s more? The platform you choose should have responsive customer support that works 24/7 to help its members whenever they need assistance. Reputable fetish sites also have a team of moderators who monitor accounts to remove scammers and fraudsters.

Additionally, the site you choose should be user-friendly; this will allow you to have a good dating experience since you’ll find dates fast. Lastly, the website should have a variety of options to help you communicate with potential partners.

Try any of these free fetish sites today!

What Fetish Hookups Do You Want to Try?

Sexual liberation has opened our eyes to the diverse world of sex. People from all walks of life are now trying new things in the bedroom, and it’s exciting. If you’re still unsure, here’s a quick list of the most common fetishes!

Role-play. This has been one of the longest-running fetishes and is the most accepted. It can range in complexity, depending on what gets you going. Get creative and see where it goes.

Masochism. Anything from impact play to choking, this one derives pleasure from pain. It seems scary but can incorporate lots of excitement into your sex life.

Foot fetish. This is an infamous fetish and receives an unfair reputation. It’s simply the desire to worship feet during sex, be it through massages, kissing, or smelling. It’s more typical in men and is currently seeing an increase in acceptance.

Anal sex. You wouldn’t think this is a fetish, but it certainly makes the list. Many people get a lot of sexual gratification from performing anal on others, which is why we’re seeing a surge in women pegging men (wearing a strap-on-dildo and penetrating men).


What's the point of ranking and reviewing the best free fetish sites?
We like to listen, so we listened to what previous users of these states had to say and compiled this helpful list.
Do I have to pay to find a fetish partner on these sites?
If you want full access to these dating sites, then yes, you’ll have to pay.
Are these dating sites safe enough for me?
They absolutely are! Each site with its own safety measures, all are supplying you with security.
Which fetish dating sites are completely free of charge or claim no money for separate functions? is the cheapest option on this line-up, thanks to their selection of free features.