top 3 sex apps for women

If you’re looking for a hookup tonight, using sex applications is a far safer option than heading to a bar or club. Sex apps are the modern way to have some fun, and you’ll find there are lots of others who aren’t into a serious relationship and just want a saucy hookup too.

With so many hookup sites on the market, the only question is, which are the best ones for women looking for sex? Check out our guide to the top apps for women who want to get laid tonight.

#1 Try Cupid for Hookups

cupid logo

Cupid is one of the largest dating apps around and is great for any kind of relationship, including hookups. One of the big benefits is that you can see the last time a member was active, so if you’re trying to arrange a hookup for sex tonight, you can make sure you approach men or women who are active. Video chatting is included as a feature, which could warm you both up ahead of your hookup. There are some members who use the app for serious relationships, but there are lots who are just searching for sex.

Choose Cupid for:

  • One of the apps with the most members
  • Video calling for virtual sex
  • Trial membership available

#2 Loveagain – Meet Others for Casual Sex

Loveagain logo

Despite the title of the site, Loveagain isn’t just about romantic relationships and finding someone special. Geared towards slightly older singles, there are a huge number of members everywhere. This means that even if there are lots looking for relationships, there are plenty of people on the app who are just looking for a sex hookup.

Choose Loveagain for:

  • Arranging a hookup with men or women who are a bit older
  • One of the best apps for a wide choice
  • Basic membership is free

#3 Pure is Perfect for Instant Hookup Fun

pure dating app logo

Pure is one of the new breed of hookup sex apps for women. Easy to use on a smartphone, you can create your profile on the app and get swiping right away. One of the big benefits of Pure is that your profile will only stay active for an hour before you’ll need to sign up again. This is great if you’re looking for sex now and don’t want your face to be on the app for others to find in the future.

Choose Pure for:

  • No-strings sex and partners who are serious about a hookup
  • Confidentiality – you can’t be found in the future
  • An app you can use as often as you want – there’s no limit to the number of times you sign up

Do You Want to Know How Hookup Apps Work?

hookup app

Sex applications are hugely popular with girls, as they can feel a lot safer than meeting a stranger in a bar. All of the sites work in a slightly different way but are based on women uploading a profile and looking for a match.

If you find someone who is mutually interested, it’s up to you to decide how and when to meet. For hookup apps, the expectation is that men and women will want to meet up promptly, so don’t expect to be left hanging around for days!

Sex apps are the ideal solution for girls who are feeling horny. You just log in, search for a match, and meet up – it’s that simple!

The Lowdown on How to Choose the Best Hookup App

Hookup sites are commonplace, but there’s a fallacy that they’re only for men. In reality, there are just as many women out there looking for a match on a hookup site. Apps make it convenient and easy for girls to arrange a hookup whenever they want, but knowing how to pick from the hundreds of apps out there is key.

The first thing to bear in mind is that you shouldn’t sign up with just one of the apps. They all have different benefits and if you’re looking for a hookup right away, having plenty of choices is a good thing. Take your pick of the bunch and create profiles with a few. This means if one is fairly quiet, you can always switch to another.

Secondly, look for an app that has plenty of members. Whether you’re looking for men or women, you’ll find yourself struggling to get a match if there aren’t lots of people signed up. Also, don’t forget to check what coverage is like in your region. There may be lots of men searching for women, but if they’re not in your area, you won’t get the benefits!

Finally, look for applications that protect your privacy. If you’re interested in a hookup app, you might not want your details broadcast permanently. There are a number of apps that either delete conversations with no replies or even remove your details completely once a set period has expired. These features are great for girls who want to have fun without worrying about having to formally request that their profile is wiped.