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Read EasySex reviews and find out that this is the best dating site on the internet right now. Why is the site gaining traction? See just why.

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One dating site that has been getting a lot of traction on social media is EasySex. The “dating” service is a handful. We tried it out, and here is what we think about the dating site. 

Millions of membersPoor privacy policy
AffordablePoor customer service
Diverse membership structure
Easy sign-up

First Impression

The first thing we realized when we logged into the dating site was it was y, not your conventional dating site. The user interface is m-indbliwing. The one of the best threesome hookup sites is well crafted and pretty inviting. When you log in for the first time, you awhile greeted by some sexy pictures (members, maybe). We could not resist the temptation of registering and getting an account.  

EasySex Sign Up

Signing up on Easy Sex was probably one of the easiest sign-ups we had to go through ever. The site is friendly and gives you the step-by-step signup process. There are very few details required,and this might be the main reason whey are ranked high in terms of security/ All you need to do is till in your preferred username, your email address, and what you would want in a potential partner, location, and gender. The sign-up process takes at most five minutes.


EasySex Member Structure

A dating site is only as good as its membership structure. The EasySex membership structure is let’s just say “different”. The ideal membership structure, especially for a site offering “easy sex” should be mainly female. This is not the case, though, with the site. There seems to be a lot of females but just not enough to call their membership structure perfect. The good thing is the site seems to be growing, and, within years, it will improve.

Who’s Online on EasySex?

The good thing about this site is that most of the users tend to be USA-based. This means that most of the people online are within range. Most people on the site are usually looking for sex just like we were, so the good news is that your next sex partner is often always online on EasySex. 

Profile Quality at EasySex

The profile quality on EasySex has to be one of the highlights. Unlike other dating services that try to focus more on the communication part, EasySex puts a lot of work on the profile quality on the dating site. The profiles on EadySex are rich and have a lot of information to help you choose the partner that is best suited for you. The profiles have a picture ad about the section and also the location. For a service that mainly focuses on sex, this should be enough to get you what you are looking for. 


Making Contact on EasySex

Once you have gone through the profiles and have managed to see a lot of interesting potential partners., makingcontact on the site is not that difficult, mainly due to the interactive interface. The service allows you to send messages to any user that you are interested in. The best part is if you can create a group, you can easily create a group chat and communicate. You can also comment on videos and pictures posted on the site (you do not see that on many sites) . For a fee, you can also be able to send a “gift” to any user. 


EasySex Cost & Prices

We have mentioned that if you are on the premium plan on the platform ,a bit of an edge. The premium plan, though, does not come for free. For a monthly fee of $39.95, you get access to the Platinum VIP plan on the site. TYouget to play monthly makes it quite easy on your pocket compared to the yearly plans available on other sites. The fact that there are no other plans was a bit of a turn-off and showed a lack of flexibility.

Free Services Option

The good thing, though, is that the site allows you to register and use the service for free. The option is available from the get-go. There is no need to enter your banking details to use the free services option, unlike on other sites. This is because it is not a trial version,; ratherit is a stand-alone service package from the site. 

Fee-Based Option

The free-based option on Eassysex is not as bad as some users make it seem. We tried it out, and we have to say it is pretty sleek and offers amanyoptions compared to other free services on other dating sites. You can privately message users, group chat, and comment on content posted on the site on the free-based option. There are many things you can’t do, though. For example, you cannot send gifts,; youcannot access private photos and other dating sites. It’s safe to say that the best thing son Easy Sex come at a price.

Free vs. Premium

For an exorbitant subscription price of $39.95 a month, the expectation on the Platinum VIP package is as high as possible. Although the plan offers a lot of value for the money, we recommend the free version. The free version has restrictions but does offer you enough functionality to get laid. If you have money to splurge, though, getting the paid plan will give you the best csensualsatisfaction experience out there. 

EasySex App

There is no app yet for this site, but it might be because titis the best out there. The site is interactive and easy to use. You can also access it on your phone due to the site’s mobile integration. We hope when the app finally comes out, it will be as good as the site. 

EasySex Special Features

The best feature that we saw on the site special has to be the webcam chats and the erotic video section. If that does not turn you on, then the games will do the trick.


EasySex is a great dating site with a lot of features. Compared to other dating sites, the service is affordable. If you want a dcheap and top-tier dating service, we have to pick the site for you. 


Is EasySex a scam?

EadySex is not a scam; the dating service is a legal and registered site.

Who owns EasySex?

EA group of entrepreneurs owns EasySex.

What security features does EasySex have?

EasySex has a secure login process backed by message encryption.

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