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Use Adam4Adam reviews to learn why this dating site is superbly significant for gay men in America and globally. There is no better review than the one below.

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  • Members: The account has about 6,300,000 users in America and 15,000,000 across the globe

  • Top Beneficiaries: Gay singles and couples seeking casual relationships

  • User age: Anyone 18 years and above

  • Recommended age: Most attractive to gays between 25 to 34 years

The account has been operational for the last 15 years accumulating over 10,000,000 users globally. At the moment, it is among the leading gay dating social network, providing a reliable and affordable online space for gay interactions and hookups. It has several unique features like the in-built sex shop and live-stream services. It’s the magic place no gay man wants to miss!

Free registration for allThe mobile app not fully functional hence experiences some challenges
A user-friendly design and interface for more straightforward navigationNumerous fake profiles
Numerous features and services, some of which are unavailable on other gay dating sites
Suitable for both gay singles and couples hookups
Usable on all gadgets, whether tablets, smartphones, laptops, or desktops

First Impression

Immediately you land on Adam4Adam, you get this exciting feeling that all your gay hookup fantasies are about to become real. The dating site has a design that presents it as home to the best erotic gay hookups. The gay models here are handsome, sexy, and of all races, body types, body colors, and ages. Members here also seem sexy, welcoming, and ready for hot hookups. No way you want to miss being on this dating platform!

Adam4Adam Sign-Up

The registration on Adam4Adam offers all users full access to all the features. The sign-up involves a two-way process. The first process is registration using email, while the second approach is through Google or Facebook accounts. Here’s how to do it on the website:

  • Step 1: Create and input the desired username

  • Step 2: Input a valid email

  • Step 3: Create and input a password and confirm it

  • Step 4: Go to your email and use the sent link to verify your account


Adam4Adam Member Structure

The dating site is among the top gay hookup sites globally, with 6,300,000 Americans and over 15,000,000 globally. Every day, the website sees 440,000 logins, with 60,000 users being active at any given moment. The site has 47% white and 53% non-white members. Again, the membership comprises 70% singles and 30% couples.

Who’s Online on Adam4Adam?

At any given time, the site has 60,000 people logged in and actively engaging other users. Most of these individuals are mature, respectful men and seeking a quick hookup for fun and pleasure. Again, the guys here could also be seeking online live sex, video chats, or gay dating advice and not necessarily physical sex. However, it is still possible to find and have a face-to-face meeting with gay guys on this site. Remember, most don’t want a long-term relationship but casual hookups.

Profile Quality at Adam4Adam

For gay people here, there are several facts you need to know about Adam4Adam dating platform profile quality.

  • It offers a chance to create a secondary “Visitor” profile while on tour.

  • Users can edit their profile information.

  • Main profile pictures remain visible to everyone.

  • The account doesn’t have concrete security measures to guarantee authenticity.


Making Contact on Adam4Adam

There are some of the best ways to enhance your gay dating if only you know how to effectively utilize the available communication features. See some intelligent ways to make contact with other users.

  • Use the matchmaking filter tools to find compatible mates.

  • Use flirts, smiles, winks, gifts, and virtual flowers to make the conversation exciting.

  • Send or respond to messages.

  • Join chat rooms and participate in the prevailing debates.


Adam4Adam Cost & Prices

The payments are most favorable to users. Members can pay through Credit Cards or PayPal.


VIP Access

VIP Access + Pro





1 Month





3 Months





6 Months





12 Months





Free Services Option

There are several things to enjoy on a free account, including:

  • Account creation

  • Profile build-up

  • Users are allowed to send up to a maximum of 40 messages

  • The system saves up to 20 conversations for a free membership

  • Members can freely receive and send messages

  • Search other users’ profiles

  • Limited access to viewing other members’ profiles

Fee-Based Services

In addition to services and features enjoyed on a free account, here are some more features and services for individuals with a premium membership.

  • There is no limitation to the number of friends.

  • It’s easy to remove all information blocks.

  • The account allows users to deactivate ads for both desktop and mobile versions.

  • It can save up to 200 conversations.

  • Members are permitted to send up to 200 messages.

  • Users are at liberty to advertise their services without extra charges.

  • More secure as profile approval gets prioritized.

Free vs. Premium




  1. Saved conversations.

They are limited to a maximum of 20.

The account can save up to 200 conversations.

  1. Allowed messages.

One can send up to 40 messages.

Users are allowed a maximum of 200 messages.

  1. Ads

Members cannot remove ads from their accounts.

Users can choose to have ads or not.

  1. Self-marketing

Users can’t make advertisements about themselves.

Members are at liberty to advertise their services.

  1. Search

It only permits a simple search for compatible partners.

Members can perform an advanced search using more parameters to find compatible partners.

Adam4Adam App

The dating platform has a working smartphone app and a mobile-optimized browser. The app is downloadable on both iOS and Android phones, hence making dating easier for members. You can look through with this site by the link at the beginning of this review.

In case you’re dating a partner conversant with several international languages, the app offers that. The dating app has similar features to those on the dating website. However, the design is not as appealing to younger people.

Adam4Adam Special Features

  • Live cams: There are several features to support this, including Adam4CAMS, A4ALIVE, and Adam4AdamLIVE. However, a different account for each of the options remains necessary.
  • Movies: The dating site offers porn videos on with a small charged on pay-per-minute.

  • Sex Shop: It is an online shop feature that allows the dating site’s users to buy sex paraphernalia such as sex toys.

  • Plan a trip: It is a tool that helps users alert their friends where they will be touring next.

  • Underwear club: It is a tool that allows users to have Adam4Adam designer underwear at 10 USD or more.

  • Health resources: The dating website offers health counselors freely for premium membership.


Though you could meet a gay man and have a long-term relationship, it is not that easy, considering most people here wants quick hookups. The dating site’s design and interface are user-friendly. Besides, numerous unique features are unmatched by other gay dating sites. Again, users can buy sexy gay underwear, sex toys, watch porn, live sex, or hire an escort.


Is Adam4Adam a scam?

No, it is not. The site may have fake accounts, but it is accurate.

Who owns Adam4Adam?

A4A Network Inc. owns it. It commenced operations in 2003.

What security features does Adam4Adam have?

The account has email verification. Premium users have a more detailed authentication process.