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Trusted Review of FuckSwipe.com for 2023

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Our overall experience and that of other reliable FuckSwipe reviews are that the site is below par.

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The struggle to make ends meet has left little or no time for social interactions. People are forced to seek dating services, for a possible chance in casual, naughty, and romantic relations.

FuckSwipe is a dating service that seeks to support lonely people in finding sexual connections in plenty. However, the experience on the page left a lot to be desired. So, there is a question to think ‘Are they a legitimate service provider?’ It also caused to go an extra mile and write this FuckSwipe review to inform any interested users on the intricacies of the service— find out what is real and what is not.

In this FuckSwipe review, we delve into the specifics of the site’s pros, cons, membership plans, among other aspects of online dating.

Easy to create an accountOnce an account is created, a person gets constant reminders asking for membership upgrade for additional service
A person can browse the page's interface without paymentsMost messages are auto-generated
Gives people access to potential hook-upsSome profiles are downright fake
Most members are considering possible casual sex relationsWith plenty of female participants, it is clear that the site gears towards men looking for women and not vice versa
Extended chat features that allow for online interactions before physical engagementsThe models’ look-alikes are stereotypical and intimidating to some users
It is unsafe
Promises its users more than it delivers
The site uses a lot of models display photos, which raises eyebrows about its authenticity

First Impression

The first impression is that FuckSwipe fails to live up to its promises made to its users. As the website’s name suggests, one is fooled into thinking the dating service provides plenty of instant sexual hook-ups and chatting options with just a swipe. Additionally, FuckSwipe hookup site asserts to be a dating service for both male and female users. However, from the plethora of women on their homepage, it is clear that the site primarily focuses on extending its dating services to men.

The web design and layout lacks basic decency and, hence not attractive. From the sheer number of nude photos of models and other explicit content available on the homepage, a person would be forgiven to think it is a pornographic site rather than a chatting haven. As such, a person is advised not to visit the website in public or under the prying eyes of family and friends. What’s more, it’s manipulative ways of getting people to sign-up for the service is distasteful. The dating site tricks men into signing up for trial and paid services by offering ‘free’ registration for a limited timeframe. However, this is a deviant tactic by the site to get users to register, as the same offer is ‘up for grabs’ in the following days.

fuckswipe free registration

FuckSwipe Login

At the login page, you are forced into a non-disclosure agreement that requires you to keep it to yourself in case you saw familiar faces on the platform. Also, they demand that all users respect one another and practice safe sex.

fuckswipe login page

The login process is quite simple and requires only a few personal details. Despite its intuitive interface, the complimentary version is pointless and a waste of time. You can barely view other members, subscribers are only allowed access to a shallow amount of content, and any attempts to chat leads to the same thing – a popup window asking you to upgrade to premium.

FuckSwipe popup window

Membership Base

FuckSwipe’s membership base is unclear. But if the site’s layout, interface and content are anything to go by, there are plenty of ladies seeking hook-ups. Again, from the fake models and pop-up messages you receive after registration, the membership base might be as fake as the site.

Who Is Online on FuckSwipe.com?

If you are on a severe hunt for real sexual connections or fun chatting expeditions, it is wise to consider the legitimacy of this hook-up joint before registering for the service. However, if you still want to explore possible sexual encounters, FuckSwipe claims to facilitate plenty of sexual exploits for singles, engaged, married, and divorced individuals.

Online Members on FuckSwipe.com

Once you are logged in, you see a list of online users within your geographical location. At this point, you can initiate conversations. For a more detailed exploration, you can perform an advanced search on your preferred partners. Sadly, some of these individuals are neither real nor anywhere around your area of residence.


There is nothing fancy about the plenty of profiles and content on FuckSwipe. The profile creation process is fast but not satisfying. You are required to give basic personal details, including your name, gender, and age. You are also asked to provide a headline and write a short essay on what you are looking to achieve from the dating service.

When it comes to checking out other content, mediocrity is the order of the day. They are clichés, and most of them are fake. Unless you are among the premium users on the service, there is not much content available for you to see.

FuckSwipe profiles

In an attempt to learn more about the page, we signed up for the dating service. Even with a vague and no eye-catching content, we could receive flirty messages from attractive FuckSwipe individuals, which is a bit suspicious. Additionally, when we tried to reply to the naughty invites, we got a reminder asking us to upgrade to the trial or paid gold package.


FuckSwipe.com professes to have a free version, but any attempts to contact potential dates hit a stone wall. Several trials to reach people who were allegedly online, were also unfruitful. We could see the content of other users that tickled our fancy but could not initiate a chat. All these endeavors ended up with the service asking for account verification.

For successful account verification, users are required to send an email to the web operators under the subject ‘Account verification photo.’ The email should consist of the following:

  • A photo that clearly shows your face
  • An image of your Identification Card, driver’s license, or passport
  • Your account name and number

Considering the site’s overall unsatisfactory performance and the number of fake accounts, releasing such sensitive information to service providers, you are skeptical about is dangerous.

FuckSwipe Cost And Price

The site gives a complimentary sign-up service. However, these unpaid sign-ins come with various limitations, and people who are serious about finding possible connections should upgrade to a paid gold account that can support additional features.

With an upgraded subscription, you are entitled to a discount of up to 50%. A one-month subscription goes for $29.95. Furthermore, a three-month subscription costs $24.95 and six-month one that goes for $19.95. However, the 3-month and 6-month subscriptions attract 37% and 50% discount, respectively.

If you are still unsure, a 3-day trial subscription is still an option.

Free Account

It is no secret that the free account on FuckSwipe has limitations. For starters, one can only view the content of a few people but cannot make any connections or initiate a chat. It only allows users to browse the website, which is disadvantageous to a person looking to explore a dating site, unsure of whether they are willing to commit.

Paid Access

Unlike the complimentary account, FuckSwipe hook-up site promises to offer a myriad of options when looking for your ideal partner. Premium membership presents four packages:

  • The Quick Access three days trial for an initial $2.97, and a monthly renewal fee of $39.95.
  • The Top Pick, a one-month subscription that goes for $29.95.
  • The Easy Savings 90 days subscription of $24.95 per month, with a 37% discount.
  • The Best Value six-months subscription of $19.95 per month, with a 50% discount.

The package also gives unlimited access to all features and content, including:

  • Live Chat for quick Messaging
  • Access to live cam sessions
  • Unlimited Picture uploads
  • Advanced search
  • Sending and Receiving unlimited E-Mails
  • Smart partner paring

fuckswipe pricing

Free VS Premium

Unlike a free subscription, premium membership offers unlimited access to the forum. People can use crucial features, which increase their chances of being successful in their quest for naughty sexual connections. They also allow for seamless connections between users through the available chatting options.

However, for FuckSwipe, going for a premium subscription would be a waste of money. Most of the content is fake, and the hefty charges are not worth it. With the signs of insincerity on its homepage, its services are only a waste of time and money.

FuckSwipe App

This service does support mobile applications, and the content is navigable. Besides, the forum’s interface is responsive and dynamic, allowing a person to browse without any difficulty.


Considering the empty promises upon sign-up, personal safety and FuckSwipe service are wanting. The constant naughty and flirty messages that pop-up is a red flags and an indication to users that the service is not real and contains malice.

FuckSwipe: Special Features

FuckSwipe.com is created explicitly for users seeking casual relationships. The service does support special chatting features for people with paid subscriptions.

For starters, the site offers advanced search options to help users find possible matches. The service also features explicit videos and other questionable content that go a long way in attracting a plethora of men and women looking for casual sexual relationships.

The service also offers women users a chance to become models through a separate registration process. Additionally, the chatbot allows for seamless communication between users and other members.

FuckSwipe Review Conclusion

Our overall experience and that of other reliable FuckSwipe reviews are that the site is below par. From the naughty messages and the massive amounts of nude content, this site is not for users in search of possible meaningful relationships. Also, with the multitude of fake accounts, we can conclude that the service is not safe, and registration on the site should only be at a user’s risk.