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While opinions about this website may differ, all Mixxxer reviews agree this is an online dating operation that makes casual sex contacts much easier.

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Comprehensive Mixxxer review and evaluation

In this Mixxxer review, we will present all the features of this adult dating website that make it unique and examine whether it’s increasingly sparkling reputation is well deserved. This site is becoming very popular among young people in the United States lately, and it represents an example of a next-generation dating platform with dynamic interactive tools that make hookups practically effortless.

Intro text

The adult dating site Mixxxer claims to make it easier for you to find a sexual partner. Mixxxer has many features to help you find the right partner to share your wildest fantasies with. This dating site calls itself a “mobile sex search application.”

Short summary

The most relevant bit of information about Mixxxer is that it can only be accessed from a mobile browser. The app is intended primarily for finding casual sex partners in the vicinity and attracts heterosexual as well as bisexual and gay members. It comes equipped with many interesting features that assist in the partner search and improve security and privacy at the same time.

Excellent user experience optimized for mobile devicesOnly one access method is supported
Large selection of willing partners for flirting and adventurePrivate messages are a paid feature
Solid balance between the gendersSmaller than some of the major dating platforms
Smart communication features help to break the iceNot a great place to look for a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend
Affordable membership package costNo Android or iOS app available at this time

Mixxxer at first glance

Cool and practical interface design immediately sets the tone for your adventure and lets you know you can expect a high level of matchmaking service on this site. Sexy pictures dominate the screen most of the time, but all main functions are still quite easy to find. It’s not hard to understand why Mixxxer claims to be the ‘mobile sex partner app’ of the future and using it seems like a fun experience from the start.

Opening an account at Mixxxer

The signup procedure is not significantly different from other sites and requires new users to provide basic personal info. You can register as a single couple of trans people, and you can also fill in some details after your account is already generated. E-mail verification completes the process, and you can access the site’s content with your unique credentials.

Who are Mixxxer users?

The user population at Mixxxer is heavily skewed towards younger generations, with those under the age of 35 making up more than half the site’s membership. It’s encouraging to know that around 40% of profiles belong to women, although an unknown share of those could be fake. There are over 300,000 users from the United States, with most of the rest coming from Canada, Europe, and India.

What type of people can you meet at Mixxxer?

Since the app openly promotes flirting and sex dating, it primarily attracts people interested in hookups rather than serious romance. It’s a fair review to say that Mixxxer users are generally quite open-minded and adventurous, even if most of them are straight. However, with 100,000 unique logins every week, there is bound to be quite a bit of diversity on the site.

User profile information overview

By clicking on profiles of individual users, you can view their photos and see their location, sexual orientation, age, and other personal details. Most Mixxxer app reviews list profile quality as one of the key advantages of this provider. Some users even place their contact information on their public profiles, which is rare on other dating sites and can shorten the process of getting the hookup organized.

Contact making and messaging

While Mixxxer has several communication features to choose from, it is still somewhat restrictive regarding contacting other users. It’s possible to send text messages, live chat requests, or ‘tease’ indicators, but only if you have paid membership for the current period. That effectively prevents basic users from finding hookup partners for real-life sex dates.

Premium membership plans

There are a couple of membership packages available for those who decide they want to use Mixxxer with all of its best features. A package that lasts for one month costs $7.99, while you’ll need to pay $19.99 to stay a premium member for three months. Membership must be paid for with a credit card, and no other payment methods are currently approved.

Which features are available for free?

Users without a premium account are limited to the following options:

• Opening of a new account with a unique screen name

• Browsing detailed profiles of other Mixxxer members

• Viewing full-size photos on public profiles

• Using the search function to find potential partners nearby

Which features require a paid account?

Once you purchase a membership plan, you gain the following exclusive benefits:

• Sending as many text messages as you want

• Access to live chat and other communication features

• No ads are displayed while you are using Mixxxer

• Specialized ‘Blackbook’ feed with messages from favorite contacts

Does it pay off to be a premium member of Mixxxer?

Since free members face restrictions on their ability to communicate, it’s simply necessary to upgrade to premium status if you are serious about using Mixxxer to find local hookups. The monthly subscription fee is low enough to try how it works for you before deciding whether to become a loyal paying customer of this innovative mobile service.

Mixxxer mobile app

Strangely enough, despite being designed to operate exclusively on mobile platforms, Mixxxer doesn’t have a real mobile app. Instead, users must access the dating site via a mobile browser, which negatively affects usability to a certain extent. The site looks good on a mobile screen, but some functions are more difficult to locate and activate than they have to be.

Does Mixxxer have any intriguing special features?

With ‘Tease’ messages and ‘Blackbook’ feed, Mixxxer tried to introduce a fun element to the sex dating game and improve user experience. However, the unique thing you will find in this app is the permission to post contact details on public profiles, which is prohibited on many other online dating platforms.

Conclusions and recommendations

As you could see from this Mixxxer app review, there is a lot to like about this service. Mixxxer removes any obstacles to hookup dating and lets its users connect with nearby members nearly instantly. While it`d be nice to see some technical improvements and a specialized app, in its current form, the dating site already has a solid range of matchmaking and communication features.


Is Mixxxer a real dating service of a scam attempt?

Based on online reviews and firsthand testimony from users, Mixxxer is a dating app that can be trusted, but that doesn’t mean all of its users are necessarily honest.

What is the ownership status of this app?

Michael Manes conceived the original idea for Mixxxer and is still the principal owner of the app. The company is headquartered in Wyoming, United States.

What measures are taken to improve my security while at Mixxxer?

There are procedures in place that ensure that fake profiles and bots are discovered and eliminated fairly quickly. Profile verification is an important element of this strategy.