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MyFreeCams is the best adult webcam service that we have ever tried. The service is beyond amazing, and here are the reasons.  

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If you are looking for an adult webcam site that offers privacy, good quality content, and an amazing membership structure, myfreecams might be the site for you, and here is why.

Easy sign-upExpensive
Privacy And securityPoor app
Thousands of usersPoor user interface
Beautiful webcam models

First Impression

Myfreecams has been making waves on the adult web scene, and we had to give it a try. When we first got to the dating webcam sites. The first thing we noticed was the disorganization on the homepage. There is not much to talk about regarding the homepage, except the poor picture collages. The user interface is very difficult to get hold of. But after a while, we managed to navigate our way to the signup page. 

MyFreeCams Sign-Up

The good thing about the platform is that you can access the service as a guest without creating an account. The guest feature is a bit limited, though. Creating an account is not difficult. There is no reason not to create one. All you need to provide is your preferred usernames, your email address, and your preferred password. The site’s privacy policy was clear that our registration services were safe and will not be shared without your consent. It was quite assuring.  In less than five minutes, we were all signed in and ready to enjoy what has been touted as one of eh best adult cam experiences available online. 


MyFreeCams Member Structure

Myfreecams is easily one of the biggest webcam services online. The service has been in existence since 2002and the numbers are just another sign of how mammoth the service. According to the company, the dating site has nearly five million users, with nearly 2 million in the United States alone. The structure is quite mixed with women and men. It is also refreshing to see a lot of the LGBTQ community on the dating site. The site is male-dominated, but with 115 000 new members every month, the statistics are bound to change shortly. The sheer volume of users was one thing we noticed once we signed in. 

Who’s Online on MyFreeCams?

The platform has one of the richest catalogs of webcam models available on the internet right now. There are several top-of-the-range models on the dating site offering private and group services. The fact that you can access show at any time makes the dating site one of the most sought-after sites out there. We loved the fact that at any time, there is always a webcam model online, which made it quite an amazing experience.

Profile Quality at MyFreeCams

Choosing models on the dating site has to be the most intriguing yet easiest task out there. Several profiles are available on the dating site, and browsing through the profiles does not require you to have a paid plan, and you can do it absolutely for free. The profiles offer enough information to know that the model you are looking at is the one you need. With sexy pictures, usernames, and an option to add to friends to keep track of your chosen models, this site ranks pretty high in terms of profile quality. There are thousands of real sex models on the site, but TiffanyH and Fiamonjo were certainly our favorites. 


Making Contact on MyFreeCams

Once you find the perfect model on this dating site, making contact is quite easy if you are a premium member. If you are a premium member of myfreecam, you can send messages to any user on the dating site. There are some chat rooms available on the dating site, where you can send out comments and communicate with people in the chatroom. To participate in the chatrooms, you need an invitation, and if you are not a premium member on the dating site, chances are you will not get invited to chat rooms. We experienced the chatrooms, and we have to say, they were better than the private sessions. 


MyFreeCams Cost & Prices

Unlike most webcam services, myfreecams uses tokens rather than actual dollars. On this site, you have first to buy tokens, and then you can use them on the site. The tokens are available on the dating site, and you can purchase them and use them on the site. The tokens can be used in group chats, give tips, and also in private messaging. The least expensive set of tokens, which is 200 tokens, cost $19.99, and the most expensive set of tokens, which comes with 900 tokens, costs $79.99. There is also an option that is in between. For $49.99, you will get 550 tokens. 

Free Services Option

There is a free service option on this dating site. The free services can be accessed as a guest or a  registered member of the service. The free service option does not have a time limit like other dating sites available. The free service option is not a trial version; it is a permanent option that you can use, subject to some limitations. 

Fee-Based Option

The free-based option on the service comes with quite a hefty package of benefits. We tried the free package, and some of the best things that you are going to enjoy on the free-based option include profile access,  group chats, and member webcams. These are some of the service’s most popular features, and you can access them for free.

Free vs. Premium

One thing that we have to make clear is that the free-based service on myfreecams is not terrible. It is great, but it does not come close to the paid version. The premium version allows you to privately message models as well as participate in exclusive group chats. The premium version gives you access to private webcam sessions.

MyFreeCams App

Going into this review, we were expecting an amazing app experience, but we were disappointed to find out that there is no mobile app available. Google Playstore and App Store do not allow adult apps on their platforms. 

MyFreeCams Special Features

The fact that you can use tokens is a feature that we have to mention in this review. The ability to also access private shows with a model of your choice Is amazing. If you feel you have received the best service out there, you can always tip the models. It is also another amazing feature.


This is an amazing service that could use a bit of a revamp in terms of usability. The service, though is amazing. The wide catalog of models is breathtaking, and although the premium version is expensive, we can safely say it is worth every dime. 


IS myfreecams a scam?

MyFreeCams is not a scam. The service has been around for a long time and has millions of users across the globe.

Who owns myfreecams?

Leonid Ravinsky owns MyFreeCams.

What security features does myfreecams have?

MyFreeCams does not share or sell your information with third parties, and the dating site has a secure two-step login system that ensures maximum safety.