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This review looks into an experiential fun dating platform. It is one among many USASexGuide reviews that seek to help daters choose the right companion.

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  • Members: More than 500,000 active users

  • Age of Users: Popular among 25 – 34

  • Registration: Free for all 

  • Best for: Hookups and sexual encounters

  • Age Recommended: Varies depending on the state

Anyone looking to have some casual online fun may find this platform completely useful. It is a sex dating platform that allows people to enjoy short-term affairs and other matchmaking services. The site opens daters to a world of care-free hookups and serious companionship alike. All you have to do is to make the best of available matchmaking services and interactive community.

It has a vast databaseThe user interface is quite stuffed
There are nearly 500 000 active usersTo enjoy using the dating platform entirely, you must register
It does not require a signupThe main goal is to connect members for sex
The site works well as a forumIt’s a security concern
Registration is free for all

First Impression

Looking at the platform for the very first time may have you reminiscing about the vintage forums. Nevertheless, the home page is quite informative on what the site is about. The USASexGuide landing page is quite unconventional to what most people may expect for a matchmaking site. It consists of a disclaimer for safe dating, including a request for consent that one is of legal age. It also has some useful resource links for anyone concerned about children’s exposure to adult content. It calls to show the site’s commitment to protecting children’s rights and upholding ethical practices. 

USASexGuide Sign Up

The registration process on this sex dating platform is a bit tedious. However, once you know what sex encounter you’re looking for, then it’s pretty straightforward. All you have to do is indicate by ticking on either free or paid escort or forum user. Then, this dating platform has a provision for a unique username and password that later counts as the login credentials. The next most important part of the process is to accept their user terms and conditions. To gain access to the exclusive dating platform features, one would need to verify the email provided on the registration form. 

USA sex gide

USASexGuide Member Structure

USA sex guide offers four types of membership for those into sex dating. The first cluster group available on the dating platform is of unverified users. These are individuals who have not yet verified their emails. Therefore, they cannot access basic features. Regular users on USASexGuide can use all essential features. 

On the other hand, senior membership is only for those who have attained active membership for more than half a year. Again, to qualify, users in this category must have posted on site more than 25 times. Lastly, another group of unmoderated members consists of members who have surpassed 12 months of active membership. 

Who’s Online on USASexGuide?

Most members on this platform are from the US, which makes up to 90 % of the total membership. Other countries that are worth noting are Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, and Denmark. Most people online here are looking to meet girls for merely sexual encounters. Men are about half of the total online users on this sexual dating platform. The common age bracket for users is between 25-34 years. 

USA sex gide2

Profile Quality at USASexGuide

Once you’re logged in on the platform, check out sex dating topics you may enjoy contributing to on the forum. It’s a one-way ticket to your sexual fantasy world. However, USASexGuide is not a typical dating site and thus lacks a preference-based search. So, quick access to preferential profiles is impossible. 

Making Contact on USASexGuide

Making contact on USASexGuide is relatively straightforward. Just like on other dating platforms, all you need to do is have a detailed profile. Being active online also increases access to more singles. The more you post and contribute to this community, the more credibility you get and better membership status. You can go as high as senior membership. 

USA sex gide3

USASexGuide Costs & Prices

USASexGuide offers various dating services within the platform. Unverified and unmoderated members are also welcome on board. Members’ posts are moderated based on user levels. That notwithstanding, most services are free, from sending messages to viewing profiles. 

Free Services Option

The free service option allows all USASexGuide members to send messages to other members without extra charges. Hence, users get all kinds of information ranging from the best escort services in town to sex clubs. Interestingly, you can meet a like-minded match here. You can even go out on dates with your newfound partner, all for free. 

Free-Based Option

The free-based option is only available on a few threads. These threads include discussions that users pay a specific fee to gain access. The prices vary depending on the length of the conversation thread. Most of these threads with a paid option usually involve discussions about different sex offers.

Free vs. Premium

While the platform purports to be free, some services can only be accessed upon payment. The free-based account allows you to view other members’ profiles, chat with users and add photos to the forum. However, visiting the forums is free. Premium membership is only open to users who use the site for more than a year. 

USASexGuide App

There is no existing application alternative for this site. Therefore, it is not available on either apple or android handsets application stores. However, since the interface is very responsive, anyone can log in from any mobile phone browser. Thus, it is easy to access it on any android or iOS phone. Furthermore, it is accessible even on a not-so-strong internet connection. 

USASexGuide Special Features

There are countless features on this site. However, there are a few notable ones. One is the abbreviations feature that allows you to check for the platform’s most used abbreviations. You can find more than 500. Another feature is the USASexGuide photos which highlight the images of top girls in the forums. 


At first, this website looked junky and confusing as it would to everyone else new to it. The site links on its first page can easily confuse you. Again, the user interface is not very graphic. All one can see are endless strings of words. However, the platform has several active members, which is great. I loved that one can see credible users from the number of posts they’ve made on this site.


Is USASexGuide a scam?

It is a legal dating platform with verified users and hence cannot be a scam. However, scammers always find their way onto such platforms; beware. 

Who owns USASexGuide?

USASG internet properties S.A owns the platform.

What security features does USASexGuide have?

The very first security measure is the verification of emails for every new user. It helps secure a user account and also keeps scammers away through the site’s team of moderators.